Tayyab Hussain
Tayyab Hussain

Tayyab Hussain

Telegram: @tayyabmh

Email: tayyabh@pm.me

Twitter: @itsTayyab

Farcaster: @tayyab



Hoping to steer society towards a more prosperous outcome.

Generalist by heart and nature. Hacker by passion. Open minded skeptic.

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  • Studied Chemical Engineering at NC State University. Worked in manufacturing, experimented with atoms. But, rapid feedback loop of engineering on bits drew my attention.
  • Two time founder (unfortunately unsuccessful twice as well), YC Alum. Learned a lot from failures, but the sting is still there. Chip on my shoulder makes me work hard. Generalist with successful track record.
  • Work is meant to be meaningful if the mission you are working on or the community you are serving matter to you. I choose to only work on things that are meaningful to me.
  • Excited about economic prosperity, saving Earth from ourselves, exploring the frontier of Space.


CEO @ Trakex, YCF S16, 3D Scanning Tech for Trucking Industry

Solutions Architect @ Pendo, B2B SaaS Analytics

Product Manager @ FarmShots (Acq. by Syngenta), Remote Monitoring of Farmland

Business Development @ Global Data Consortium (Acq. by London Stock Exchange Group), Data Source Aggregator for Identity Verification

CTO @ Casama, ODF12, Enabling / Creating user-owned networks through Web3


Open to freelancing / contract work, or even recommendations for open source contributions

Hacking in Crypto @ Entropy Labs

  • Financial Inclusion, and taking ownership back from our overlords
  • Excited about community-owned value networks, DAOs, ability for users to completely own their economic relationships with counterparties, and an Internet-centric economy